De Havilland DH-82 Tiger Moth

This website is dedicated to the 1939 De Havilland DH-82 Tiger Moth Mk.II serial number 82536 and the 1940 made serial number 83105. These biplanes are the very first airworthy Moths and the oldest aerobatic airplanes ever home based in the Czech Republic.

The 1939 Tiger was acquired from the immaculate collection of Kevin Crumplin after he realized that the airplane would be very well looked after (sure it would!). Kevin is a living legend in the world of DH-82 operating the Tiger Moth Training at Henstridge UK together with Annabelle Burroughes and Clive Davidson. This rather act of fellowship and mutual sympathy than a mere business transaction has, de facto, expanded his remarkable enterprise to Central Europe.

The other Tiger Moth (original RAF code R-5246 bearing number 40 on the fuselage) is a 2018 acquisition from the Fighter Academy Collection. 83105 is the first ever painstaking renovation realized by Kevin Crumplin. Both aircraft released by the same workshop look identical - as if they've gotten lost in time on a training flight over England where Tiger Moths were fundamental types for basic flight training of RAF pilots. Eventually R-5246 in particular was flown by Czechoslovak airmen at 3. and 10. EFTS before they were assigned to combat squadrons of the Royal Air Force. Photos by Petr Kolmann.


We fly our Tiger Moths mainly for joy. Occasionally they are available for air displays and public sightseeing.


Air Displays

letecké vystoupení

Displays are attractive to spectators for it can be entirely completed in a small area.


vyhlídkové lety

Can strongly be recommended. To get airborne in an open biplane we may truly state is the genuine wartime veteran. 

Flight Training

letecký výcvik 

For pilots there is an opportunity to take the introductory ride or flight training including spins.

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