New member Registration:

  • Staying at the Club and consuming food & drinks is on every member’s own risk. The Club Operator and Staff do not bear any responsibility for possible damage to health or defamation. The Club is not accessible to the public (not a public restaurant by law) and it is not a subject to the state authority food industry supervision.  
  • The membership fee is voluntary. It is payable in cash or via credit card at the bar.
  • The membership is not time limited and can be terminated anytime on request by deleting the membership entry in the database. The Club Operator reserves the right to terminate a membership or to refuse access to the Club in case of inappropriate behaviour.
  • The membership has been established solely for the purpose of the Club access. No other rights or obligations related to the Club operator exist.
  • Membership fees, donations and business profit from the refreshment and merchandise sales are being used exclusively to cover the club self-expenditures and to support the RAF Station CS collection of historic aircraft and vehicles. We accept CZK, USD, EUR and GPB and all major credit cards (excl. American Express). We charge VAT as applicable.